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The Bobman (Jalie 3880 + Jalie 3352)

June 23, 2018


I came home from Pattern Review Weekend with three new, hot-off-the-presses Jalie patterns (Mimosa, Rose, and Bobbie). I then found myself in a quandary–which one would I sew first????? Although the Mimosa was calling my name, I decided to try the Bobbie first.

I started by attempting a wearable muslin out of some knit, Girl Charlee fabric that I had in my stash. Although I’m technically an S in the bodice, I cut a U because I wanted it to be loose-fitting. The problem was that the U was a bit too loose and the V-neck felt a bit too low for me. I’m a little weird about V-necks; I always feel like crew necks work better for me.



So I went back to the drawing board and tried a second muslin. This time I cut a size S, raised the neckline about an inch, and added the high/low hemline from the Jalie Dolman (Jalie 3352).


Once again I used stash, Girl Charlee knit, but this time I went with a Fourth of July vibe.



This time the fit was much better, and I liked the high/low hem. So then I decided to try the Bobman (Bobbie + Dolman = Bobman) in my precious laser cut jersey from Mood. This time I extended the lining to make it full-length (note: I loved this modification) and bound the armholes (note: I ended up not liking the bound armholes.)





At this point I was ready to move on to the Mimosa, but then I was wandering around the Sundance website and saw all these Bobmanesque tops with neckline embroidery and applique. So I had to give that a try. I used some light, Girl Charlee sweater knit (also from my stash) and decided to try adding something to the neckline.

I started with a doily that I bought 10 years ago in a thrift store in Iowa City.


I cut it up and then tried to dye it using food coloring.



The problem was that the food coloring  didn’t stick. I think the yarn and fabric in doily must have been synthetic. So I went to Michaels to see if I could find anything that would work with synthetics. I found some Tulip Color Shot and decided to give it a try.





I liked the way the neckline looked from the side and the back, but the front looked like a craft project. The doily was too heavy and gloppy for the fabric. So I took everything apart and started again. This time I took a strip of wide lace that I had and added a light coat of the Tulip Color Shot.


Then, I got out my Cricut and a tried to cut designs out of the lace. It took a couple of tries, but I finally figured it out. I used Heat and Bond to stabilize the lace, and set the Cricut on the Bonded Burlap setting.



I then arranged the pieces on the Bobman and used the iron to fuse them. After that, I free-motion stitched them on to the top.






I ended up really liking this version. I think the dye-cut lace looks like it was stenciled onto the shirt. I’m going to take a little break from the Bobman because I feel like I’m bordering on obsessive,  and that’s not good. But I will be back, and when I return, it will be with embroidery.









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  1. Becky permalink

    Very, very cute! Your last version is very creative. I plan to buy this pattern. Quick question, please. How does the armscye fit? Your versions show a low one, probably lower than I like. Was this by design or is this the pattern straight out of the envelope? Your version with the fully lined front reminds me of a sleeveless Popover top. I could obsess over this pattern for quite some time, I think!

    • Thank you!! The armscye is designed by Jalie to be low so that the lining shows on the underarm. This is the size of the armsye straight out of the envelope. It’s a design feature, but could be easily changed according to one’s preference. Hope this helps!!

      • Becky permalink

        Thanks, that makes perfect sense.

  2. Cathryn Harjung permalink

    Fantastic. I enjoy reading your blog. The laser cut shirt is amazing.

  3. Your creativity is amazing ! Which circuit machine are you using .. I must try this ! thank you for sharing …

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