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Butterick 6563

March 9, 2018


It started with this fabric. Each Christmas my husband gives me a gift certificate to Mood. It’s the best gift ever!! This year when I was doing my post-Christmas Mood shopping, I came across this fabric. It’s a cotton sateen named The Passing of Adonis. I wasn’t sure what I was going to make, but I knew I had to have it. I ordered two yards.


Then last weekend I was visiting Asheville, NC and made a brief stop in JoAnn’s. Butterick patterns were on super-sale, and I scored this new Gertie pattern. I decided that View C would be a perfect vehicle for The Passing of Adonis. Not that anyone cares, but in my opinion, The Passing of Adonis name does not really fit the fabric. English Springtime would be better. Or even Adonis’ Garden. Or even Adonis in Springtime. Maybe Mood should hire me.

In any case, the pattern is super straightforward and seriously cute. I spent a lot of time trying to decide which buttons to use. I even solicited Insta-feedback. I had four different options that I had identified from the button stash that my mom gave me.


Options 1-3 were glass. I ended up going with Option 4.


I did get to use some of my newest gadgets. I used this accordion thing to place my buttonholes. I’m not sure how I lived without it because it’s awesome.


I also used my new buttonhole cutting tool.


I also used a tip that I got from Male Pattern Boldness on Instagram. He recommended putting Fraycheck in the buttonholes before cutting. I did this and it worked really well.




I loved the end result. The only problem was that when I combined this top with my wardrobe bottom and topper, things got way too busy. See:


It just felt like way too much. So I ended up switching out the flower buttons for some cream, glass buttons. It’s a little less overwhelming.





Here it is with one of my bottoms:


And with the topper:


It’s a lot, but hopefully it works.

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  1. Jean permalink

    This blouse is beautiful and better IMHO with the white buttons. The pattern matching is outstanding. And I think I like the new embellishment on the pleather skirt even better than the first go round. Really nice combinations.

  2. I have to admit—I was so glad to see that you swap the buttons! LOL!

    It really does look great with the skirt and the bomber. Also, Very nice fit!!

  3. I really love this blouse and found your blog through your PR review even though I had already been following you on Instagram. I voted for 1 or 3 on Instagram but thought the flower buttons were cute too. You did a beautiful job on all three pieces.

    • Anne, thanks for reading my blog and tolerating my IG photos! I think I just found you on IG! You were right about the buttons! 🙂

  4. Perfect buttonholes, perfect top!

  5. Anna permalink

    I saw on PR that you always put sleeves in flat. I am wondering — are there modifications required to change a set in sleeve to a flat sleeve? If so, could you please share the steps?

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