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Jalie 3675

March 8, 2018


I’ve been changing my mind. At first I was planning on making a Burda military jacket above (5/2011 #113) out of some black beefy knit as the topper in my PR wardrobe contest entry. But then I started worrying that the military jacket would be too wintry. So then I thought about the floral blouse that I made.


And I started to think that maybe “flowers” should be the unifying theme for my wardrobe entry. So then I started to wonder what kind of floral print would go with my blouse and work as a topper.


I started searching the Mood website and found the above fabric in a Mikado. When I realized that the name of this fabric was “Wildflowers of the Mountains,” I took it as a sign because Boonetowne is in the mountains. I ordered one yard and paid for it with my Mood points and so it was free and that was kind of like another sign. Then I was on the and found some Lucky Brand sneakers in the exact same pattern!! That was like a sign times x 3. So the long and the short of this is my topper is made out of this wildflower print and flowers will serve as the unifying theme for my wardrobe contest entry.

I decided to make a bomber and since Jalie’s Charlie bomber is one of my favorite patterns, I went with the Jalie bomber. I had some striped, ribbed knit that I bought at Butoni in NYC during the 2017 Pattern Review Weekend, and I thought I would try to use it with my mountain-flower fabric. The problem was that it was a bit too white.


The bright white stripes were not working for me, so I made some tea and used it to dye the trim.



It worked perfectly. The tea toned the bright white stripes down just a tad. I’m not sure if you can see the difference in the pictures, but the stripes are more off-white/creamy-white after the dunk in the tea.


I assembled the Charlie the same way I always do–with the online tutorial. I used scuba on the sleeves and to line the front and back. The jacket went together without a hitch.



It snowed this morning in Boonetowne, but I was not to be deterred. I wanted to take pictures with my bomber and my matching kicks. What I got was pictures of my bomber, my shoes, and Louise.


I wanted close-ups of the shoes, but that turned out to be a little harder than I imagined. This one looks like I might have stepped in dog poo.


This one is equally strange, but I like how Louise showed up in all of them.


So now I’m wondering, how much floral is too much floral. I made the blouse below the other day (I still have to blog about it) and I love it, but does it really go with the jacket????? Not sure.






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  1. Becky permalink

    Sure, it goes! I think all your florals will work well together since they are not too colorful. They seem to have neutral backgrounds and are not wild prints. So, it works. I love your jacket! What luck to find those shoes. It was kismet. I love both of the blouses as well. I never find florals that nice. Where did you find the blouse materials, if I may ask? Those large scale wild florals look like 1950’s curtains to me! LOL BTW, I love Boonetown. I lived in Asheville for 16 years and traveled to Boonetown often.

    • Becky, I love Asheville!! We were just there last weekend. I miss Waechters Fabrics–so sad that they closed. I got my floral blouse material from Mood fabrics online. It’s from the Gaia Collection. It’s a super beautiful collection of fabrics.

  2. This is fabulous! I have 3675 all traced out but I’m not sure about my fabric’s weight; it’s a double knit that is a little on the light side. What’s your experience with the weight of the fabric?

    • I’ve made this bomber with both heavy (neoprene) and light (scuba) fabrics. With the scuba, I added a scuba lining to the front and back, but not the sleeves. The two layers of scuba seemed to be just the right weight. Hope that helps!

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