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Burda 6475

January 30, 2018


Have I mentioned that we don’t have any pattern stores here in Boonetowne? Well, we don’t. This means that I try to work in a stop at Joann’s on all of my out-of-town trips. And if I’m really lucky, I time it just right and end up at Joann’s during a pattern sale. Well last week, I hit the pattern sale jackpot. I was out of town and stopped at Joann’s in the midst of the Burda and McCall’s sale!!!! I scooped a couple handfuls of new patterns including Burda 6475.

When I got home I started Pattern Reviewing and Googling my new purchases and found Mimi G’s version of Burda 6475. Have you seen it? She used tweed and made such a cool top. After I saw it, I knew that I wanted to try the exact same thing. So I found some tweed that has been in my stash FOREVER and cut View B plus the pocket flaps. I cut size 36 and graded out to 38 at the hips.

After I started assembling the top, I found that the seam that attached the yoke to the front, was way below my bust line. It looked really weird. Since I had already attached the pocket flaps and topstitched the seam, I decided to raise the front seam by taking two inches off the shoulders and lowering the neckline. It wasn’t a perfect solution, but it worked.

The pattern has half-length sleeves, but I wanted full length so I lengthened the sleeves. I also felt like the pouch pocket in this pattern was puny–too small for the oversized top. I brought in the pocket pattern from Kwik Sew 3045, and it worked perfectly.



I loved so many things about the finished product, but I just couldn’t get my head around the pocket flaps. I felt like they looked like big ol’ droopy boobs, and once I saw them, I couldn’t un-see them.


See, big ol’ sad droopy boobs. You see it now too, don’t you? I couldn’t deal with it so I chopped those pocket flaps off and resewed the front seam. It was so much better. See:






After I finished my first attempt, I knew I wanted to sew it again and use my precious wool check from Mood. Lord, how I love this fabric.


On my second try, I wanted to make a dress length. I added 6 inches to View B and I thought it would do the trick, but it ended up being a bit too short for a dress, so I made it a tunic.


I kept the full-length sleeves and the Kwik Sew pocket and I bound the hood, sleeves, and pocket in pleather. I tried to cut the yoke so that the seam would fall above my bust line, but I wasn’t super successful. I ended up raising the seam, but I also ended up reducing the width of the sleeves. I actually had a few moments where I thought I had ruined things, but I ended up making it work. If I sew this one again, I need to work on the yoke.



I love the way the pleather looks with this fabric, and I LOVE this top–with it’s wonky sleeves and all. I wore it to work on Monday and then took the pictures below when I got home. The lighting is not great, but hopefully you can get a sense of this top in all of its splendor.









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  1. Eileensews permalink

    You have made a lot of really great pullovers. I like all of them.

  2. Thanks so much!!! They are quick, fun, and most importantly, WARM!!!!

  3. Karen permalink

    Great tunics after your corrections. Who wants sagging boob flaps?

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