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The Sudoku Wardrobe Contest

March 26, 2017

Purple Pleather Tweed

I am calling my collection: “Who doesn’t need more purple, pleather, and tweed?!” I chose this name because:

(a) It’s true. Do people really have enough purple, pleather, and tweed in their closets?? I don’t–although I now have more than I did before.

(b) It’s catchy and it rhymes, and for that I need to give props to my husband. He is the author of this title. After too many weird and failing attempts–including one that included Grape Ape (remember that cartoon??), another with “Purple People Eater,” and then one with Tweather (a combination of tweed and pleather), I jumped at his rhyming, yet comprehensive suggestion. Genious!

Here’s the final grid for the contest:

4X4 collage with patterns

By the contest rules, the grid needed to include: 4 shoes, 4 tops, 4 bottoms, and 4 accessories. All of these need to combine to make outfits on the horizontal, vertical, and diagonal. I tried to photoshop a grid that included the original grid plus the full outfits, but I couldn’t find a way to get both diagonals in. Here’s an image with everything but the top-right to bottom-left diagonal:

5X5 collage

The rules state that you must make at least 10 out of 12 of the garments (tops, bottoms, and accessories.) The rules also say that accessories can include “sweaters, cardigans, jackets, blazers, scarf, wrap, purse, or glove.” Here’s what I actually made:


  1. Jalie 2805–purple, long-sleeve crewneck
  2. Kwik Sew 4069–grey turtleneck
  3. Kwik Sew 4069–lavender turtleneck
  4. Butterick 5526–purple & white striped dress shirt


  1. Jalie 3461–black, faux suede Eleonores
  2. McCall’s 7392–purple, button-front skirt
  3. Butterick 6326–black pleather skirt
  4. New Look 6312–pleather & tweed skirt with contrasting panels


  1. Simplicity 2309–tweed jacket
  2. Butterick 6328–pleather & tweed jacket with contrasting sleeves
  3. Jalie 3353–oversized, cocoon cardigan
  4. Kwik Sew 3764–pleather, moto jacket

Although, I had a few failures and ended up back at the drawing board a few times, I ended up sewing 12 garments that go together to make at least 10 outfits. Here they are:

rows 1-4



How about those electric-purple tights?????? I need new tights–maybe more of a muted purple.



Now here are the outfits that result from combining the garments in each Soduko column:

columns 1-4



The picture-taking took so long, that I started losing light. The pic above is my desperate attempt to find places that were not in shadows. It cracks me up.



Here are the two outfits that result from combining the diagonals:




This is a kooky outfit, but I gotta admit, I do love the way the sweaterknit looks with the tweed. I know it’s a lot of pattern, but I like it when different patterns kind of hurt your eyes, but kind of don’t.

These are actually my favorite outfits from this contest:

my favorites

So two months, twelve garments, and lots of pleather later, I am done!! This was really a fun contest. I liked the challenge of coordinating these garments in very specific ways. And, it turns out, I really like sewing with pleather!!!

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  1. So many awesome pieces and fantastic outfits! Wow! Nice work on the challenge!

    Enjoy your new wardrobe

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