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I Made Pants!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 20, 2015

I did A LOT of sewing this weekend!! I made three Jalie tops and one pair of Jalie pants!!! Can you believe it–I made pants!!!! I have never-ever made pants before, and I was kind of terrified of putting in a fly, but it wasn’t really so bad. But before we get to the pants, here are the tops:

Jalie 3352

I made this one first. I love, love, love this pattern. I have several oversized, fleece versions of this pattern, but I’ve never really made a regular-sized version of this top. I have a whole navy, polka-dot theme going on with my Wardrobe Contest entry, so I decided to use two of my polka-dot fabrics on this top.


Although I LOVE the cut of this top, I’m not really in-love with my polka-dot version. It kinda looks a little pajama-y with the two different dot patterns, and the cut does NOT work with my other Wardrobe Contest entries.



It’s definitely the wrong top for this green skirt!! So, I decided not to enter this top–this meant I need another top and I needed to try to salvage my remaining polka-dot fabric.

Enter Jalie 2682

I had less than a yard left of the polka-dot fabric, so this meant some creative pattern cutting. If I had had more of the fabric, I could have matched the pattern better, but here’s what I was able to do with what I had left.


I couldn’t match the back.


Right now, I feel like the length is a little to long. I think I am going to adjust the hem to here:


Next up was Jalie 2910

This might be my new favorite pattern!! I usually can’t wear wrap-tops or wrap-dresses. I just don’t have the bust for it–but this top is a wonder!! I made size S (instead of T) because I was worried about gaping. The fabric was an ITY jersey knit and perhaps the most slippery fabric that I have tried to sew. That stuff was slipping and sliding everywhere.

Here’s the front:


Here’s the back:


I just love the neckline and collar on this top!


Just love this top–in fact, I love it so much that I wore it to dinner on Saturday night.


Now for the pants….I was very worried about making pants, but I decided to go big or go home. I have been wanting a pair of bright yellow pants and so I thought I would try Jalie 2909 in bright-yellow stretch twill. Although I could have gotten away with a size U, I made a size V because I didn’t want tight pants. I graded the legs down to a size K at the ankle to make a more tapered leg. I was quite concerned about putting in the fly–I had never done this before–but it really wasn’t too bad. I just put on my zipper foot and followed the Jalie directions and it went in like a charm.

Here’s the finished front view:

IMGP1672 - Copy

Here’s the back view–but I really hate showing pictures of my butt.

IMGP1674 - Copy

And here’s a picture of the waist because I don’t want to end with a picture of my butt:

IMGP1673 - Copy

I really didn’t know I could make pants!! Stay tuned for many more pairs of Jalie 2909!!!

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  1. I love that Jalie 2910. I had a blouse like that from Ann Taylor 100 years ago and I wore it until it fell apart.

  2. You didn’t just make pants you made AWESOME pants!!! They look fantastic!!!

    I really really love that sleeveless top!

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