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A New Niece!!

March 15, 2015

Two weeks ago, our new niece, Harper Rose (such a cool name), was born!! She is healthy, beautiful, and perfect, and the whole family is kinda blissed out. It’s awesome!

Harper’s birth gave me the perfect reason and justification for making a baby quilt. Now, I need to state that I am not a bonafide quilter. I don’t make large, bed-sized quilts, and my binding has some serious issues, but I kinda dig making a baby quilt. I think it’s the size that I like–it’s big enough to make me feel like I’m quilting, but it’s done in short order.

Making baby quilts is actually how I started sewing as an adult. My mom taught me to sew when I was a kid, and I made a few things through my high-school years, but then in my twenties I started making baby quilts. I had no idea what I was doing–nothing was square, corners didn’t match, and I had never even heard of a walking foot. This was way before YouTube, so instructions for making quilts were harder to find. I actually made my first baby quilt when my niece, Kaleigh, was born and that was almost 23 years ago. It was a peach and mint-green wonky gift from the heart made on the Singer that my mom gave me when I turned 22. I wish I had a picture of that quilt, but I’m kinda glad that I don’t. As I think about it now, the quality was probably a little questionable. I may owe Kaleigh a new and improved quilt!!

Anyway, I made a quilt for Harper. Her mom, one of my amazing sisters-in-law, (or is it sister-in-laws? Where does the -s go????) chose grey and aqua as her colors for the nursery. I’m not sure of the name of the pattern I used–I saw a bigger version of it hanging in my local quilt shop. I liked it because I wanted to use both small and large squares. I needed the large squares because I wanted to add embroidery. Here’s the end result:

2015-02-16 17.30.07

There’s a square for each member of her family (including Bella the dog.) The hearts were cut with an Accuquilt die and embroidered using an Accuquilt pattern. I love that Accuquilt does embroidery patterns that you can buy online through their website!!

2015-02-16 17.30.16

Here’s a close-up of the heart applique/embroidery.

Harper has two older sisters, Rylee and Cortland, and I wanted to have gifts for them too. So I made Cortland a “baby quilt” for her baby-dolls. IMGP1289[1]

corty quilt

This picture is a little blurry, but it shows all the squares.

And then for Rylee, the oldest sister, I made a pillow with a quote I found on Pinterest. rylee pillow

On the back, I used the heart embroidery/applique again.


These were fun to make!


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