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Soduko Contest: Jalie 3353


I wasn’t feeling the bravery that I needed to attempt my Jalie Eleonore pants, so I made Jalie 3352 instead. This sweater will count as an accessory in the PR  Wardrobe Soduko Contest.


The fabric is a chunky wool knit that I bought from Mood. It’s much softer and lighter than it looks, and it has a slight stretch that works for this cardigan. I bought it because it kind of matches a wool tweed that I plan to use for a skirt. We’ll see if they really do match once I finish the skirt!!


I’ve made this pattern two times before, and both times I increased the length. This time I did it again. I cut a size S and added 10 inches to the length. I also increased the width of the band that finishes the edges and added cuffs. The knit is fuzzy and frays pretty easily, so I serged the whole thing. I ended up taking in the side seams about two inches on each side because the cardigan was swallowing me. I wanted it big, but not that big.




Y’all, this pattern is so easy, and it makes the coolest long cardigan. Seriously, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Jalie rocks!!


Louise wants a cocoon cardigan too!


Soduko Contest: McCall’s 7093


Confession #1: I’m a little obsessed with my Soduko Wardrobe Plan.

Confession #2: I can’t stop tweaking my Soduko Wardrobe Plan.

Confession #3: I also can’t stop buying Soduko Wardrobe fabric.

But the good news is that there are plenty of vices that are way worse than a Soduko Wardrobe obsession! And a second piece of good news is that I made my first Sudoko garment!!

I was originally planning to make a Jalie tunic to go with leggings (which I have now changed to Jalie Eleonores) and a skirt. But I kept worrying about the length of the tunic with the skirt. I also really wanted to incorporate zippers in the side seams, and I couldn’t see the zippers with the tunic. So I scrapped the tunic and made McCall’s 7093.


I’ve made this pattern before, and it goes together very easily. I’m not crazy about the darts in the shoulders, but I like the high-low hem and options for color-blocking. I also thought the front seams would work well for the zippers that I wanted to use.

I used three different fabrics: (1) a black & white sweater knit from Joann’s, (2) black stretch pleather from Mood, and (3) black ribbing. I modified the pattern by adding cuffs and a neckband. I also made full length sleeves and added zippers (for a design detail) on the front seams.

I started by attaching the zippers. It took me a few tries and a lot of Wonder Tape (to hold the zipper on the pleather for basting), but I finally got it. The sweater knit frayed like a son-of-a-gun, so I serged everything and coverstitched the hem.


Y’all, I have been thinking about adding side-zippers to a sweater top for a LONG time. I originally envisioned them as taking the place of a traditional side-seam, but I like how they run on the diagonal in this pattern.



I’ve never sewn on pleather before. I was a bit apprehensive, but it wasn’t too bad. Of course I couldn’t use pins, so that was a little tricky. I also put a strip of tissue paper between the machine and the pleather when I was coverstitching, but otherwise it was business as usual.




This top is going to count as an accessory in the PR Soduko Wardrobe Contest. Tomorrow, if I’m feeling brave, I’m going to try some faux suede Eleonores.

I’m In!

Alright y’all. I’ve been clearing the sewing decks in preparation for this very minute–I am entering the Wardrobe Soduko Contest on Pattern Review. Here is my current plan:


Wish me luck!!

Yet another McCalls 7122


I did it again. I think this is the fourth time for this particular dress,  but I just love it so much. It’s so easy to sew. Plus, it makes such a great work dress. And when I wear a dress to work, picking out clothes is so much easier–I only have to choose one piece of clothing (not two or three.) And it’s so comfortable. And it’s knit (or in this case scuba/neoprene) so I don’t have to iron it. I know what you’re thinking, I’m trying to justify my problem. Yes, I am.

This is also a good pattern for showing off groovy fabric. The front of this dress is one large panel, so it was the perfect pattern for showing of this amazing fabric from Mood. My husband got me this fabric for Christmas. Well actually, he got me a gift certificate from Mood, which in my book is even better than buying me actual fabric! I love Mood’s printed neoprenes. The designs are super cool and the weight of the fabric is perfect for dresses like 7122. See:


I made view B with long sleeves. I added cuffs to the sleeves, widened the neckband, and coverstitched the hem.





Three hours–from the time I unfolded my pattern pieces to the moment I clipped the coverstitch threads–that’s all it took!


Jalie 3245 and Green Pepper 520

I’ve been sewing, but I haven’t been posting. In the next few posts I will attempt to catch up! First up is Jalie 3245.


Two weeks ago I drove to my niece’s baby shower, which was about three hours away. On the way there, I drove through a town with a JoAnn Fabrics. This is a pretty big deal for me since Boonetowne has no such store. Of course I stopped and I scored this cool cream knit with the grey lace overlay. It was 60% off, so I knew it was meant to be!!!

I got home from the shower on Saturday night and sewed up a new Jalie 3245 on Sunday. I seriously could not wait to sew this fabric!!!


I made the tunic version of Jalie 3245. I cut a size U, lengthened the sleeves, and widened the neck band. I also added cuffs on the sleeves.  It was a fun and easy sew, and the result was super satisfying because of the cool design on the fabric.



I cut the neckband on the scalloped part of the design.imgp4833

I got lucky with the back. The sewing gods must have been smiling on me because the lines matched right up where the sleeves meet the back panel. Can you believe my luck???



I really do love this fabric. I feel like I need to drive back to the Joann’s and see if they have anymore of this fabric left. If they did, I would buy ALL OF IT!!

About a  week before I made the tunic, I made another Green Pepper Mock Turtle Polar Sweater. This time I used some 300 weight, sweater-faced Polartec.  I cut a size Small, which seemed to work well–it’s less boxy on me than the Medium. I omitted the draw-string and pouch pocket, and I added cuffs to the sleeves.




This is another quick and easy make. Very satisfying and COZY!! This kind of sewing is good therapy!

Oh, and there’s one more thing. Last year I bought this this knit valentines fabric from Girl Charlee. I’ve been squirreling it away in my closet waiting for February to get here so I could make some Valentines leggings. Well, I finally decided that I could wait no more. I made myself some leggings using McCall’s 7122.


This pattern is super easy–two pieces–and the fit is reasonably good. I cut a medium. It fits pretty good in the butt and thighs, but I might take it in from the knees down.


My plan is to wear them with a denim skirt and boots. Something like this:


What’s not to love about Valentine leggings!



Jalie 2795 Hack version 3.0


Y’all, I think I did it. I took me three tries, but I think I successfully turned Jalie 2795 into a half-zip. On my first try I added a center band that was too high. On my second try, the center band was too low. But on this third try I wizened up and ditched the center band!!

I started by drawing a new bodice front. I took the original pattern piece and used tracing paper to cut it on the fold. I then used my newly acquired French curve to draw a seam line that would separate the the half zip from the bottom.


I used some brand new 300 weight Polartec fleece for the majority of the top. The great thing about this fleece was that it has a heather gray face and then a light gray reverse. I decided to use the light gray side, but then use the heather gray on the bottom sleeve panels. For the contrast, I used a sweater that my husband put in the pile for Goodwill. When I saw it was merino wool, I threw it in the washer, felted it up, and then added it to my stash of felted wool. Here’s the sweater before I cut it up.


After I cut all my pieces out, I started by assembling the sleeves.


Then I sewed the 3 back pieces together.


After that, I attached the sleeves to the back at the shoulder seams.


Then it was time to put the front together. I start by attaching the welts to the pouch pocket front.


Next, I attached the zipper to the two upper bodice pieces. I left room at the top of these pieces to attach the collar and then finish attaching the zipper.


Then I sewed the top front to the bottom piece, the pouch pocket.


After I had these pieces together, I could attach the side panels.


And then sew the front onto the sleeves.


At this point I added the collar, finished attaching the zipper, and then added the collar lining.


Finally I added the waistband and the sleeve cuffs.


I really do love how it turned out. I think the felted wool is the perfect contrast.





I do think I need thicker ribbing for the waistband and cuffs. I’m going to order some tonight and then swap them out.




I used the heather gray on the inside of the collar.


And I love the pouch pocket with the welts.


Happy New Year everyone!! Let’s hope it’s a good one!!!

Jalie 2795 Hack


So, Santa brought me a French curve!!! I was stoked and immediately set out in search of a pattern that needed French curving. Then, the other morning I was searching the interwebs and saw this Prana half-zip:


I loved the curved seam at the top of the bodice and the contrasting panels, and I thought to myself: “I bet I could try to make this with my trusty French curve.” So I set out to do just that.

I decided to use Jalie 2795 as my base. I traced the all the pattern pieces  and taped the front pieces together together. I then drew the curved band that would turn the full-zip into a half-zip. I cut the new pieces out and started assembling.


I cut the majority of the top out of 200 weight Polartec. I thought I would try to make the contrast out of wool sweater-knit from an upcycled Goodwill find. Here was the original sweater:imgp4698

I deconstructed it and then cut my pattern pieces. Here’s a picture of the assembled front. The fleece looks a little yellow in this picture, but it’s actually more of a peridot color.


Once I got the whole top assembled, it looked like this:



I was honestly a bit disappointed in how it came out. For me, there were three big problems: (1) The curved band was right at the bust line and not at all attractive; (2) The snowflakes on the sweater knit were way too busy; and (3) The band did not continue to the back.


See, the band just stopped and looked weird. So, I decided to attempt a Jalie 2795- Hack version 2.0. This time, I dropped the band about two inches and continued the band on the back of the garment. I stayed with the peridot fleece, but changed the contrast. I used a royal blue fleece covered with this light-weight sweater-knit that I bought from


Once I had the pieces cut and the sweater-knit fused to the blue fleece, I started assembling. I began with the back.


I then assembled the sleeves, but left the bottom seam open so they could be inserted flat. I sewed the sleeves to the back and then attached the two upper bodice pieces. I attached the collar and then inserted the zipper. The zipper was a beast–I lost track of how many times I ripped it out. I then attached the welts and connected the upper bodice to bottom bodice. I sewed up the side seams and then made the cuffs and waistband. Here’s the result:






The fit is better on verison 2.0, but the band in the middle of the bodice did not come out as curved as I had envisioned. In fact, the band bothers me. It looks so wonky in these pictures.




My favorite thing about this Jalie hack is the pouch pocket that has welts. On version 3.0, I’m keeping the pouch pocket, but increasing the curve on the band. I also think I need to raise the band. Maybe it needs to go up an inch–where’s Tim Gunn when you need him???



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