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Vogue 9101


A few months ago I bought this fabric from Mood. I wasn’t sure what I was going to make with it, but I knew I loved it. In fact I loved it so much I wasn’t sure I could cut it!! Then last week I was catching up on the PatternReview gallery and I saw what people were  doing with Vogue 9109. I decided it was time to woman-up and cut this beautiful fabric.

I made view C and added 5 inches to the length to make this dress. For reference, I am 5’4″. I cut a size 10 in the bodice and then graded out to a 12 in the hips. If I make a dress version again, I may try to add darts in the back. Instead of using bias tape on the neckline and armholes, I used some grey quilting fabric (cut on the bias) that I had left over from making a quilt binding.



This pattern is super easy and fun!! I am already planning my next version. I feel like it is the perfect pattern for this fabric–the pieces are large enough to showcase the ombre-ish design on this fabric.




I tried to take some pictures outside today, but it is mighty HOT and BRIGHT today in Boonetowne. These are the best ones that I could get–they are so bright, they are blurry. I tried to adjust the brightness through photoshop, but the photos just got blurrier. You may want to wear your sunglasses while viewing the next three photos.




If you haven’t purchased Vogue 9109, stop what you are doing and go get it!! This is an awesome summer pattern!! Seriously!

New Look 6452


Hi everyone! Sorry for my absence. For the past 3 months we have been home renovating. We re-did our 2 bathrooms and kitchen. It was a major ordeal and we had to temporarily move out of our house (and away from my sewing machines!!!)

In any case, I’m back and this is a New Look 6452 hack. I bought this pattern one night while I was wandering around our local Walmart. There is no pattern store in Boonetowne–so if you want to engage in spontaneous, on-site pattern shopping, it’s Walmart and it’s McCalls or New Look.

This pattern calls for wovens, but I used a lycra blend that I bought (on-sale) last year at Les Fabriques in Charlottesville, VA. I made view C omitting the sleeves and back ties. I usually cut a size 12, but for this pattern I cut a size 8 and then took 1.5 inches off the width of the bodice. I don’t look very good in flowy tops. This might cause you to wonder why I bought a pattern for flowy tops and the truth is that I have no idea.

See look at all these flowy tops:

new look

Here is my less flowy hack:



I was drawn to the neckline on view C. While every other option is a V-neck, I liked the keyhole opening. At first I tried a button and loop closure–that’s what you see in the pictures above. But then I decided to use snaps underneath the button. I like that option the best. The photos below use the snap closure.




The fabric was mostly an aqua print with a black print border. I decided to cut the pieces to maximize the border. This is my first attempt with a border-print fabric. I like the contrast of the black and aqua, but I feel like the straight edge of the black border doesn’t match the curved edge of the skirt. Maybe there’s some secret to cutting fabric with borders???? If there is, please share!!

In closing, here are some pictures with my sewing assistant, Louise. She is especially glad that the renovations are over!IMGP3877




McCall’s 7093


Sometime last summer I purchased McCall’s 7093 when it was on supersale. To be honest, I bought it because it was on supersale. I liked the shape of the top, but I really liked the $1.99 price. Then at the beginning of this year, McCall’s 7093 made Pattern Review’s “Best of 2015” list, and I thought to myself, “Wow, I have such good taste in patterns!”

This past week I decided to give it a go, but I was kind of worried about the drapey, no-waist shape. Sometimes this shape is not so good on me. Before using good fabric on a pattern that might turn out to be a bust, I made a muslin-ish version. Now, this pattern is for wovens, but I wanted to use a knit. So I pulled out some scraps and made version 1.




I cut a size 14 based on my hip measurements, but this ended up being too big in a knit. I also realized that I didn’t like the 3/4 length on the sleeves. They ended up looking like full-length sleeves that I cut too short. I added the bands on this version to see if I could save the sleeves. I’m not sure what I think.

On version 2, I cut a size 12 and lengthened the sleeves. I also used a standard knit neckband.









The 12 was better size-wise, but it still seemed a little big. I used scuba knit on this version. The solid came from and the print from Mood. Since I was using some Mood fabric, I decided to use one of my Mood labels.


I love that they send one of these labels with each order. Ingenious!!

Now for version 3 I wanted to use sweatshirt material and add an overlay. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any sweatshirt material and ordering online would mean that I had to wait for it to be shipped. I was not feeling patient, so I drove an hour away to visit our nearest JoAnn’s. But no dice. They had plenty of fleece, but no sweatshirt material. I was bummed–I really was set on making this top ASAP. On my way home, I stopped at a Goodwill store. I was thinking that maybe I could find a few sweatshirts to repurpose. Well, I got pretty lucky. Goodwill has started carrying Target surplus and I found 3 men’s sweatshirts that had never been worn:


I scooped them up and drove home to cut them up. The sweatshirt would be the base and the overlay would be a piece of stretch lace that I bought on clearance at Golden D’Or Fabrics.


I saved the ribbing on the sweatshirts to use for the neckband and sleeve cuffs and here’s the result:




Here’s the back:



I really love this top!! I want to buy more sweatshirt material and stretch lace and make more!! More is more, right?


Jalie 2795


I bought Jalie 2795 a few months ago when Jalie was doing the sew along. I had every intention of sewing along, but then I psyched myself out. The pattern looked kind of hard and I was kind of scared.

Well, this weekend I worked up my nerve and gave Jalie 2795 a try, and you know what? It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I had imagined. In fact, it went together very easily. It’s a very straight forward pattern with a lot of little pieces. There’s also a lot of top-stitching,  but nothing too technically challenging.

I used two pieces of Polartec that I bought on sale last year. One was a medium blue and the other is a light chartreuse–although it looks yellow in the photos. I ordered my zipper from Wawak. That’s the first time I’ve used this company and I had a very good experience. Good prices and quick shipping!





This is a great pattern and I fully intend to make it again–next time with the hood.



I made an outfit to go with my infinity scarf.


This story starts with an infinity scarf.

I made a purple infinity scarf. About two weeks ago, I was cleaning up my sewing room and fabric stash. I found a whole heap of felted wool scraps that I needed to throw out, but I decided that instead of just throwing these scraps out, I would use my Accuquilt hexagon die and cut the scraps into hexagons. I’m not sure why this seemed like a rational idea, but it did, and so I cut a bazillion hexagons. Then I decided to use the purple hexagons and make a scarf.  I zig-zagged the hexagons together and sewed on a plum knit backing and voila, a purple-hexagon, infinity scarf. The thing about this infinity scarf is that I am kinda in love with it. I’m not sure if it’s the colors or the hexagons or if I’ve gone completely over the edge, but I LOVE this purple-hexagon, infinity scarf.


The problem was that I didn’t have anything to wear that would properly showcase this beauty of an infinity scarf. So I made myself a tunic using Jalie 3245 and some purple/lavender sweater knit that I bought at Golden D’Or Fabrics in Dallas, TX. I cut the tunic in this pattern and added cuffs on the sleeves.




The problem then became that I didn’t have anything to wear under this tunic. So I made a long sleeve t-shirt using Jalie 2805 and some plum ribbed-knit that I had in my stash.




I really like the way that this t-shirt layers with the tunic.




And the tunic and the t-shirt are the perfect base for my beloved infinity scarf. I’m going to find a way to wear this beauty to work this week!!!




Another Cocoon


Jalie 3353 might be my new favorite pattern. But before I get to the pattern, let me describe my new favorite fabric store: I think I originally heard about this store through a Facebook group. After stalking their website for a few weeks, I decided to pull the trigger and order some denim colored wool blend sweaterknit with a fleece backing. Since I ordered the full bolt (8 yards), I was able to get each yard for half price!!!! I love half price!!! Shipping was super reasonable and the fabric made it from Oregon to Boonetowne in no time at all. Love this company and love this fabric. You’re probably saying it’s a good thing that you love the fabric cuz you’ve got 8 yards. Well, you’re right, but since I made the cocoon today, I’ve actually only got 5.5 yards left!

So I increased the length on the cocoon again. This time I added 10 inches to the length. I also cut size CC because my fabric was super-bulky with no stretch and because the I was concerned about the sleeves being too tight. In hindsight, I really did not need to go up so many sizes–I ended up taking the sides in and taking the back in by adding a back seam–but my sleeves were not too tight, so I guess it’s a win. I made the neck band just skosh wider because the fabric was so bulky. I also added cuffs. Both the neck band and cuffs were 2 inches wide after folding.




Oh, how I love this fabric:


Here’s the reverse:


And here’s Louise helping me with the photos:







I’m just getting around to posting pictures of my finished baby quilt. The fox fabric made this a fun one to make. The fox applique came from Urban Threads. I actually used a Christmas design and changed the colors on the mittens.



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