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Jalie 2795


Y’all, out of all the things I’ve ever made, this might be my favorite! Last year, I bought a bolt (11 yards total) of this wool blend sweater fleece from (unfortunately they just posted that they are going out of business–this broke my heart because they were AMAZING to work with!) Since that purchase, I have been sewing all kinds of things out of this beautiful fabric. This weekend, I decided to bring out Jalie 2795 and actually try the hood.


For the grey contrast panels on the sides and the sleeves, I used felted, charcoal wool. I got this wool from a men’s sweater that I bought at the Goodwill and then felted in my washing machine. The cuffs, waistband, and inner collar were made out of some scraps of Polartec PowderDry that I had in my stash.

I took some pictures at around 2PM today, but winter light has come to Boonetowne, so the color is not great. Additionally, we’ve got multiple wildfires burning in western North Carolina, so the smoke is making the sky a bit bleak. All of this is to say, my photos are not of the highest quality!ūüė¶





I had to use a leather needle to manage the thickness of the sweater-knit and felted wool. I broke a few needles before figuring this out, but it was totally worth it.




This jacket is so warm and cozy, I might never take it off!!

McCall’s 7122 Three-peat


I made this pattern ONE MORE TIME! This time I used a scuba knit that I bought on sale through Girl Charlee. Once again I only had two yards, but I was determined to match the chevrons/zig-zags (which are they??) In order to make this work, I had to piece together the back. I cut it in 4 pieces, instead of 2.

Here’s the back:


Here’s a close-up of the seams joining the 4 pieces:


I’m pretty proud of the side seams:



I will try to take a break from this pattern for a while, but no promises. I’ve got a stretch boiled wool that might make an awesome winter version of this pattern. In the meantime, here are a few more pix:


A semi-disturbing photobomb by Mr. Boonetowne:


The outfit that I’m wearing to work tomorrow–I really like this dress with a black cardigan:


A second McCall’s 7122


I wasn’t kidding when I said that I loved this pattern! I made a second version today, and I might very well make a third tomorrow. This time I used a thin jersey that I bought at the Mood store in LA.


I do think this is the perfect pattern for knits with interesting patterns/designs. The clean lines and minimal seams on this dress show off the cool design on this fabric.


I had two yards of this fabric, but I needed a little more to match the chevronish pattern. I did ok on the side seams, but the back is a little off.


The wonky back seam and the cool Boonetowne weather called for a long sweater! It was the perfect excuse for a lengthened version of Jalie 3353 out of some cable-knit from




I love this time of year–layers, sweaters, and cool sleeping weather! Happy Fall everyone!!


My new favorite pattern


McCall’s 7122. I LOVE this pattern. It’s an A-line dress with raglan sleeves. It’s a fast, easy pattern that produces a dress with great lines. Get ready because I will be making this one over and over and over again.





The fabric is a digitally printed neoprene from Mood. I bought this fabric about 9 months ago, but it was so beautiful I was scared to cut it. I finally worked my nerve and am so grateful to the fabric gods that this attempt worked out.




I made length B with long sleeves. Although my measurements line up with the medium size, I checked out PatternReviw and decided to cut a small based on other reviews. I’m glad I did–the small fit perfectly. There’s a lot of ease in this pattern. Because of the ease and loose fit, I did not add the slit in the back–the dress didn’t need it.¬† I also added cuffs just because. Actually, I felt like the cuffs matched the raglan sleeves.


This was such a satisfying sew! I’m actually looking forward to work tomorrow sew I can wear my new dress!!


The Third Time is the Charm!


A few weeks ago, I fell in love with this Gucci top:

butterfly top

I decided I could use Jalie 3352 and make my own Gucci-inspired dolman top. So, I got some royal blue sweatshirt fleece and a butterfly applique and made this top:


It was a pretty good first attempt, but I did not really like the way the fleece draped. I felt like the top was wayyy too boxy and I didn’t love the sleeve length. I decided to try again.

So I took out my seam ripper and removed the sequin applique. Then I went to our Walmart and found some royal-blue scuba knit. This time I cut a size T but added about 4 inches to the hem. Here is version 2:


This one was better, but the scuba knit was not really applique-friendly. It puckered around the butterfly and did not look good. I knew sequin applique wouldn’t last another seam-ripping, so I went to to get another butterfly and saw this embroidered, butterfly applique:

Butterfly with Multi-Colored Embroidery 9" x 9.5"

I could not believe my luck!!! This was just what I needed for my Gucci inspired top. I bought it up in an instant, and then I went to and found this royal-blue, lacey sweater-knit:

Telio Mariana Lace Sweater Knit Chevron Royal

I bought this up too and set to work on version 3. This time I cut a size Z–I wanted it loose. I also altered the neckline by using the crew-neck from Jalie 2805. Here’s how it turned out:






I am in love with this version!! I especially love the sweater knit has a lace-like look. I guess the third time really is the charm!! Here are a few more pix with my sewing assistants:




Are you ready for this Jalie???


After I made this dress, I had some fabric left over and I decided I wanted to use it to make a top. I love this blue-green stripe and I could not bear the thought of throwing any of it away. I had to use every inch of it. Does anyone else do this??

I decided to make a long-sleeve raglan top using Jalie 3245. I’ve made this pattern multiple times–I love it–but for some reason I can’t do scoop necks very well.Usually I add a hood to change up the scoop neck, but I wanted more of a tradition raglan top. So, I decided to try and alter the neck line on this pattern. Enter Jalie 2805. This pattern has an awesome crew-neck option. So here’s what I did:¬† I laid a piece of tracing paper on my cutting table. Then, I took the front and sleeve pieces for the raglan top and laid them on top of the tracing paper as if they were sewn together. I traced the original raglan neckline onto the tracing paper. Then I laid the front of the crew-neck top over the pieces and traced the crew-neck neckline onto the tracing paper. I then cut out the two pieces of paper that fell between the necklines¬† and taped them to the raglan front and sleeve. These pieces turned the scoop neck into a crew neck. Here’s what it looked like when I taped the tracing paper pieces to the original raglan pattern.




I cut the front and back from the leftover navy-green stripe. I cut sleeves and neckband from this navy knit that I bought from I cut the neckband at two inches wide, made the sleeves full-length, and added sleeve cuffs. Here’s the finished product:





I love this top!! I will be making this crew-neck version again, and probably again.

I had a ton of the navy knit, so I decided to try Jalie 3248, the drop pocket cardigan. I’ve been wanting¬† to make this pattern for quite a while, but I got a little obsessed with the Jalie cocoon cardigan and could not switch my focus. But that was then and this is now, and now is about the drop pocket.


This is a pretty straightforward pattern once you get the hang of sewing the front pieces to the back at the shoulders. That took a little rereading and picture-studying for me, but once I did it, the instructions made perfect sense. Although I usually wear a size S or T in Jalie if I want a tailored top, I cut a size U because I wanted an oversized sweater. I also added cuffs to the sleeves and 1.25 inches to the base of the front and back.



It’s a cozy sweater. I’m going to make this one again–same size and length using some heavy-weight sweater knit. It’s a great slouchy sweater pattern.

Now for some pictures of my assistants:




New School Clothes: McCall’s 6654

PicMonkey Collage

What do you call a group of skirts? A herd? A school? A gaggle? Well, I made a gaggle of skirts using McCall’s 6654 and six different stretch fabrics. I’ve used this pattern before and it’s super easy and super fast. So I was able to make all six skirts in two days.

I made three versions of view A. First up was this one using this stretch cotton from Mood. Did I mention that the pattern only has three pieces–front, back, and waistband–and all three pieces can be cut from just ONE yard of fabric!!!


Next, I made this version from another stretch cotton from Mood.


Finally, I decided to make one last version of View A from some leftover fabric that I had from this dress. This fabric also came from Mood.



On day 2, I made three versions of View F. I started by using a piece of mid-weight knit that I have had in my stash for a while–I think it originally came from I cut the pieces on the bias and really like how it turned out.



Then I cut a version out of some Nicole Miller scuba knit that I bought from JoAnn’s back in March. I love the design on this fabric, but it made for tricky pattern arranging. At first, I cut this piece for the back–but I had second and third thoughts about this design on my butt.


Not a good pattern to have over a butt! So I re-cut and ended up with this:


Then last but not least I cut this version from some stretch fabric I bought in the sale room at Golden D’Or Fabrics in Dallas.


Although this is probably one of the easiest skirt patterns in the world, it was still a super-satisfying project. Six yards of fabric and six new skirts!!!

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