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Digitizing Scout

I drive a Bernina 730. It is the most amazing sewing machine I have ever owned, used, or imagined owning/using. I love this machine. Honestly.

When I bought this baby (used at my local Bernina dealer,) I wasn’t really in the market for a new sewing machine. I was just kinda sorta interested in machine embroidery, and I was trying to figure out how much I would have to spend to get a machine that did some embroidery. A friend of mine suggested I check out a Bernina. I said, “There’s no way I can afford a Bernina.” She talked me into visiting our local store and checking out the used 730 that was for sale. So I stopped by the store, test drove the used 730, and somehow found a way to afford my Bernina. And…it’s the best money I ever spent! Seriously.

So you know how it goes–once you get the machine, you want to get all the feet, attachments, bells, and whistles that go with it. Now mind you, I have shown restraint, considerable restraint, but last year I did buy the Bernina embroidery software. One year later, I am still learning how to use this software. It’s definitely going to take me a while to master this thing because there is so much that it can do. There is a LOT to learn. For now, I am working on digitizing photos, and that is why I decided to digitize Scout.

I started with this photo:

2015-05-09 09.53.17Using my favorite online photo-editor, Picmonkey, I cropped the photo and then used the “Posterize” effect to limit the number of colors in the graphic.

embr scout 5

I then used the Bernina software to remove the background.

1111scoutAfter limiting the colors even further, I converted the image to embroidery and transferred the pattern to my machine. Then, the embroidery began:

2015-05-31 09.57.30

2015-05-31 10.03.30

2015-05-31 10.06.53

2015-05-31 10.12.19

Here’s how she turned out. I’m not in love with the colors–I could have done better here, but I decided to work with the thread in my stash. The gray and white don’t look completely right, but overall, it does look like Scout and that’s a win as far as I’m concerned.

2015-05-31 13.00.58It’s almost impossible to tell which is which!! Now I guess I need to digitize Louise. I’m also kinda thinking about digitizing a picture of my husband and making a pillow. It would be so bizarre, it would be completely awesome. It would be a stitch!!

2015-05-31 13.42.13

Fleece Jumper???

V9122Last week I was in Hancock Fabrics and Vogue patterns were on sale. Of course I bought a few, including Very Easy Vogue 9122. I thought about this pattern all week–I love jumpers and this one looked super easy. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to use some of my left-over leopard sweat knit (with the fleece reverse) for the inset.

IMGP2613Remember this fabric? I am still in love with it and am actively searching for patterns that will allow me to use every spare piece that I have. Nothing will go to waste!!

Now this fabric is super thick, so I knew I needed something else relatively thick for the rest of the jumper. The only thing that I had in my stash that would coordinate and be of the right thickness was some Polartec 200 black fleece. I know that I could have ordered some non-fleece fabric and waited to make this jumper another day, but who wants to do that???? I wanted to make this jumper today, and so I decided I was going to make a jumper out of fleece. For the record, I did Google “fleece dress” just to make sure there were other fleece dresses out there. Finding some, I proceeded.

Since my fleece had some stretch, I cut the back on the fold and omitted the zipper. I also omitted the lining–can you imagine if I had lined the fleece jumper???? That would be one warm garment!! I’m sweating a little just thinking about it!

Here’s how it turned out:IMGP3214

This pattern includes some serious ease. My measurements are 34-28-38, and I cut a 12 in the bodice and graded out to a 14 in the waist and hips. Even using a very bulky fabric, I ended taking each side in at least two inches. When I make this pattern again, which I will, I’m going to go down at least one size.


I used the coverstitch machine on the hem, neck, and arm holes. I also serged all of the seams because I thought it might help control the overall bulkiness of all the seams.

IMGP3217 IMGP3224

I really do love this leopard sweater-knit. If you love it too, you can find it on the Mood web-site.


I think I need a new long-sleeve black tee. My current one looks kinda faded in comparison to my super-warm jumper.

IMGP3236I don’t know if I’ve broken some fashion rule by making a jumper out of fleece, but I will tell you one thing. This baby is warm and cozy. Come January, I’m gonna be all about my fleece jumper and the haters are going to be saying, “Man, I wish I had me a fleece jumper too.”

Jalie 3245

IMGP2655A few weeks ago I made the raglan tunic version of Jalie 3245 and of course I added a hood. I used this really light sweat knit (that I have had in my stash forever) for the bodice and then a black knit for the sleeves and hood. It’s a super easy top and a fun tunic to wear with skinny jeans and boots.

Here’s the back view:


I like the way the hood turns into a cowl-neck in the front. Are cowl-necks still in??? I hope so–Iove them!



jalie tunic

Doesn’t Louise look like a well-behaved dog??? She’s not!!

The Christmas Card

IMGP3129[1]The thing is, I like to dress my dogs up in costumes and take pictures of them. I just do. So the yearly Christmas card is a pretty big deal for me. This year I wanted to do a Grinch theme. I decided Scout would be the Grinch (she can be a little cranky) and Louise could be Max, the hound. I used a Jalie pattern for Scout’s green hoodie–I’m sure this no surpise because I use Jalie for everything. I made size M of Jalie 3245 (the Raglan Tee) and added a hood. I then cut the center front open and added buttons and button holes for easy dressing. I then added some green boa on the sleeves and hood to make Scout look even furrier. I glued felt eyes and eyebrows on the hood.



IMGP3196The jacket looked good, but it wasn’t really Grinchy enough. I mean, if you’re going to dress your dogs in costumes, you really should go all the way. So I took a red fleece remnant and made a little Santa jacket. Then I found a belt and cinched it around Scout’s waist. She really is a trooper!


Can you tell she’s not super excited about the Christmas card? Here she is in action. She’s after the dog treats that I laid on top of the grill.


Louise just needed an antler for her head. I used fleece for this too with some wire inserted to make it bendable. I used elastic covered with red fleece to keep the thing on her head.


Louise was not loving the antler.

IMGP2949Merry Christmas people!! Please don’t judge–there are worse hobbies!



Jalie 2682 X Jalie 2793

IMGP3175The first Jalie pattern I ever tried was Jalie 2682. I made it for the first time a couple of years ago and it kinda blew my mind. It went together so easily and the fit was awesome–it made me feel like I could really sew!  Since that time, I’ve made Jalie 2682 over and over again. I’ve made it in jersey and in fleece, with a zipper and without, and I’ve even turned it into a dress. The first time I turned it into a dress, I used Jalie 3024 for the bottom. I liked the result, but skirt was relatively straight and it ended up a little on the short side. When I tried to lengthen the skirt, I ended up with a dress that was a little tricky to walk in. There wasn’t enough flair in the skirt.

When I made Jalie 2793 a couple of weeks ago, I realized that I had found the right “skirt-bottom” for Jalie 2682. So I pulled out this chevron knit that I’ve had for about a year and gave it a try. I cut size S on the top and added three inches below the bust. The skirt was a size U graded to S at the waist. I added about 12 inches to length of the tunic in 2793

IMGP3176The chevron was really tricky to match. I did a good job on the front, but the sides are another story. I think I’m going to need to walk around with my arms at my sides to hide my sorry pattern-matching.

IMGP3182Yeesh…it’s not pretty. Let’s look at the front again:

IMGP3189Much better. The back is not as good as the front, but it’s not as bad as the sides.

IMGP3186Despite my chevron-matching issues, I am happy with the results. I intend to wear this baby to work tomorrow. I feel like Mondays are a little easier if you have something new to wear.



IMGP3202I think I’m going to make this one again, but maybe in something that’s a little easier to match. Chevron is tricky.

Jalie 3352

My name is Devery and I make Jalie 3352 a lot. A lot. And when I make it, I make the biggest size and add a hood. I wear this comfy, slouchy sweater/hoody all winter long. It’s completely cozy and warm and I just love it. It might be one (or five–because I have made five of these) of my favorite pieces of clothing.

I say all this because I need to report that I made this pattern again. This time I used this dreamy leopard-print that I ordered from Mood. The front of this fabric is a wool, sweater-knit:


The back is a wool fleece. It’s yummy.


I like to add a hood to this pattern because (a) I like hoods; and (b) it kinda looks like a cowl neck and I dig that. I actually copied the hood from a RTW top that I have. Here’s what it looks like. I cut the front of the hood on the fold.


Don’t you like my pattern weights? I bought them at the Habitat for Humanity Restore. I bet you didn’t know that the Restore sold pattern weights! :)

I serged all the seams and used my coverstitch machine for the hem. I decided to add the cuffs for fun. Here’s the finished product:


I love the drop tail on this pattern. I think it makes a really interesting hemline, and it hides my butt!!! I also love what the hood does for the neckline.

IMGP2635 IMGP2636

I wonder if I could get way with wearing this at work? Maybe with some skinny black pants and black boots??????

IMGP2668 IMGP2671 IMGP2673 IMGP2675

People have asked me how many sizes I went up when I made this top. If I were making a regular version of this Dolman top out of a stretch-knit, I would make a size T or U. But when I make this slouchy top out of fleece or this thick wool, sweater-knit, I use size FF–the biggest size included in the pattern.

On a side-note, what do y’all listen to when you sew? The TV? Music? Nothing? I usually have something on in the background. Sometimes it’s NCIS on TV. Sometimes it’s some other trash-TV program that I will not identify, but it comes on Bravo and it’s allegedly “Real.” Today, it was the tunes, specifically this. I LOVE The Turnpike Troubadours!!

Jalie 2793

IMGP2643 I’ve been wanting to make Jalie 2793 for a long time. When I finally got around to ordering the pattern, I found out it was no longer in print. Thank goodness for Etsy!! I was able to find an unopened Jalie 2793!! I bought the print at Mood in LA back in the spring, and was saving it for just the right pattern. I was kind of scared to use this lovely fabric with a pattern I had never tried before, but it was a Jalie pattern and I have never had issues with a Jalie pattern. So I threw caution to the wind and cut this baby out.

I added about 12 inches in length to View B to turn the tunic into a dress and used some black knit from my stash for the bands. The dress went together easy-peasy, with no real issues. It’s made using a knit, so I serged everything and used my coverstitch machine for the hem. I want to make this one again in a tunic length–I think it would look good with jeans and boots.


IMGP2647Here’s a picture of the dress with my rain boots–have I mentioned that it’s been raining for 10 days in row!!!


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