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The Official Entry

lead photo

I am getting ready to submit my official entry for the Pattern Review Wardrobe Contest!! It took my about a year to take photos of all the outfit combinations, and some of the pictures, well, let’s just say you could tell I was getting a little slap-happy near the end!! But you’ll see that for yourself in a minute.

So for the official entry, I made:

4 Tops

Jalie 2921–blue and white top with tie

Butterick 5922–blue and white polka-dot with cap sleeves

Jalie 2682–blue and white sleeveless v-neck

Jalie 2910–blue and white faux wrap top

3 Bottoms

Butterick 6102–green pleated skirt

McCall’s 6654 –tangerine straight, stretch skirt

Jalie 2909–yellow pants

2 Sewist’s Choice

Jalie 2909–denim pants

Simplicity 2909–denim jacket

All of these garments mix and match–kind of like garanimals–to make 32 possible outfits. I created a video using Animoto to show all of the possible combinations. But in case you’re not in a video mood, here are all of the combos in photo-form.

The Skirt Combos Without the Jacket

skirts no jackets

The Skirt Combos with the Jacket

the skirts with jackets

The Pants Combos without the Jacket

the pants no jacket

The Pants Combos with the Jacket

the pants with jacket

I’m Done!!!

Here’s what I made:


And here’s what I have left-over:


Today I finished my ninth and final garment for the Pattern Review Wardrobe Contest!!!! I made McCall’s 6654–a super-easy, super-simple pattern for a skirt. It went together easy-peasy!!!

Here it is with my polka-dot top and leisure suit jacket:


I also this made this little clutch to use to accessorize my outfits.

IMGP2009 IMGP2011 IMGP2012

Now I need to get to to work taking pictures of my outfits!!

I’m bringing back the leisure suit!!


Yes I am!! Today I made Simplicity 2309 and Jalie 2909 out of the stretch denim that I bought at Mood. These two pieces are going to be my two “sewist’s choice” for the Pattern Review Wardrobe contest. I know a denim suit might be a little cheesey, but I actually really like it. Plus the two pieces are great separates.

Here’s the leisure suit:

IMGP1712 IMGP1724 IMGP1725

And here’s the separates–or at least one of them”

IMGP1728 IMGP1729


The jacket is Simplicity 2309. I usually make a size 12, but I made a 10 in this pattern. The pattern calls for unfinished edges on the flounce, but I chose to finish these edges by sewing the two flounce pieces together before attaching them to the jacket. I really like this pattern. It’s quick, easy, and produces good results.

The pants are Jalie 2909 again. Love this pattern. I added a cuff and hemmed them at a semi-capri length. I’m looking forward to cruising around Boonetowne in my brand new leisure suit. Just wait, soon all the cool cats will be wanting leisure suits too!

I went to MOOD!!!


Last week my husband went to Marina Del Rey/ Santa Monica for business, and I got to fly out to join him for the weekend. Now I had to entertain myself during the day since my husband was working, and I really didn’t know much about this area, but I did know that Mood Fabrics has a store in LA. So after I found myself a Starbucks and a jumbo shaken iced-green-team (so delicious), I got on Mapquest and learned that LA was not all that far away from Marina Del Rey. I then downloaded the Uber app and got myself a ride to Mood Fabrics on La Brea Ave. This was a full-on adventure for me–it was my first Uber trip, my first time in LA, and my first time getting stuck in the midst of an Armenian Genocide Protest–more on that later. I was super proud of myself for finding my way to Mood, and Mood was everything that I thought it would be. I think I spent about three hours in there, and honestly, I can not say enough good things about that store. The selection was amazing, the people working in the store were helpful and kind, and THERE IS SO MUCH FABRIC!!!!!!

Here’s a picture from one of the aisles:

2015-04-24 11.48.21

After three hours I finally decided on these fabrics–three knits and one stretch denim:

2015-04-28 18.47.18 2015-04-28 18.47.42 2015-04-28 18.47.58 2015-04-28 18.48.29

While I was in Mood, I met some women who were on a Pattern Review sponsored trip, and they told me about another fabric store that was about six blocks down La Brea. I was still feeling very bold from making it to Moo.d, so I decided I way check out this other fabric store. I am super glad that I did. This store specializes in merino wools from New Zealand, but it also had many other wonderful fabrics at very reasonable prices. Here’s the card from the store:

2015-04-28 18.51.26 2015-04-28 18.51.46

I ended up buying some black merino wool and these two knits:

2015-04-28 18.48.53 2015-04-28 18.49.00

As I was finishing my shopping in The Fabric Store, a major protest started on La Brea Avenue. Thousands and thousands of people were protesting the Armenian Genocide and the failure of the U.S. government to recognize this event. La Brea Avenue was now closed to traffic and I was a little panicked. I had now idea how I was going to find an Uber ride to get me back to Marina Del Rey and my phone was dying. There was no way to cross La Brea, so I walked several blocks away from La Brea and tried to get an Uber ride. The problem was that all traffic was at a standstill and so no Uber rides were coming my way. After about 30 minutes of trying to find an Uber ride and my phone working on fumes, I saw a taxi coming down the street. I sprinted across the intersection and caught the taxi. It was a pricey trip back to Marina Del Rey, but it was worth every single penny. Here’s a picture of the protest:

2015-04-24 13.36.14

I Made Pants!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did A LOT of sewing this weekend!! I made three Jalie tops and one pair of Jalie pants!!! Can you believe it–I made pants!!!! I have never-ever made pants before, and I was kind of terrified of putting in a fly, but it wasn’t really so bad. But before we get to the pants, here are the tops:

Jalie 3352

I made this one first. I love, love, love this pattern. I have several oversized, fleece versions of this pattern, but I’ve never really made a regular-sized version of this top. I have a whole navy, polka-dot theme going on with my Wardrobe Contest entry, so I decided to use two of my polka-dot fabrics on this top.


Although I LOVE the cut of this top, I’m not really in-love with my polka-dot version. It kinda looks a little pajama-y with the two different dot patterns, and the cut does NOT work with my other Wardrobe Contest entries.



It’s definitely the wrong top for this green skirt!! So, I decided not to enter this top–this meant I need another top and I needed to try to salvage my remaining polka-dot fabric.

Enter Jalie 2682

I had less than a yard left of the polka-dot fabric, so this meant some creative pattern cutting. If I had had more of the fabric, I could have matched the pattern better, but here’s what I was able to do with what I had left.


I couldn’t match the back.


Right now, I feel like the length is a little to long. I think I am going to adjust the hem to here:


Next up was Jalie 2910

This might be my new favorite pattern!! I usually can’t wear wrap-tops or wrap-dresses. I just don’t have the bust for it–but this top is a wonder!! I made size S (instead of T) because I was worried about gaping. The fabric was an ITY jersey knit and perhaps the most slippery fabric that I have tried to sew. That stuff was slipping and sliding everywhere.

Here’s the front:


Here’s the back:


I just love the neckline and collar on this top!


Just love this top–in fact, I love it so much that I wore it to dinner on Saturday night.


Now for the pants….I was very worried about making pants, but I decided to go big or go home. I have been wanting a pair of bright yellow pants and so I thought I would try Jalie 2909 in bright-yellow stretch twill. Although I could have gotten away with a size U, I made a size V because I didn’t want tight pants. I graded the legs down to a size K at the ankle to make a more tapered leg. I was quite concerned about putting in the fly–I had never done this before–but it really wasn’t too bad. I just put on my zipper foot and followed the Jalie directions and it went in like a charm.

Here’s the finished front view:

IMGP1672 - Copy

Here’s the back view–but I really hate showing pictures of my butt.

IMGP1674 - Copy

And here’s a picture of the waist because I don’t want to end with a picture of my butt:

IMGP1673 - Copy

I really didn’t know I could make pants!! Stay tuned for many more pairs of Jalie 2909!!!

Butterick 5922


I’ve made Butterick 5922 before and I will make it again!! It’s a super-easy pattern that produces great results. This is my second top and fourth item that I have made for the Pattern Review Wardrobe contest. I used some stretch pique that I bought from This polka-dot print has a good deal of stretch but also good amount of heft. I wanted sleeves on this top so I added some cap sleeves that I took from my Jalie 2805 pattern. These sleeves were the perfect size and no adjusting was needed–I love it when that happens!!

Here’s the untucked version:


Here’s the back view–on hindsight, I should have matched the dots!!!!


I like this top a lot and think it works well with my green skirt.


Four pieces down, five to go!!

So I went to the Walmart to buy some interfacing…

because Walmart is the only store in Boonetowne that sells interfacing at 9AM. I was ready to get my interfacing and get home when I stopped to check out theĀ  $1.50/yard sale bin. This is dangerous territory for me because who can pass up $1.50/yard fabric???? Certainly not me!!! Well, it must have been fate because there in the sale bin was this navy and white striped fabric that was calling my name. I have no idea what kind of fabric it was and is–it’s definitely synthetic with a little bit of stretch. It looks like it’s a double-knit but it doesn’t have a double knit stretch. So, of course I bought two yards of it.

I took it home, washed it, and decided to try making a jacket to go with my Butterick skirt and my Jalie top. I used Simplicity 1499, a vest pattern, and added sleeves (from Jalie 2805.) I also bound the edges with some stretch fabric I had in my stash.

Here is the result:


This is going to be the third piece that I enter into the Pattern Review Wardrobe Contest. Here it is with the other two pieces that I have made so far:


I spent a LOT of time trying to match the stripes and am pretty proud of the results. There’s a lot of seam-ripping and cursing in those matched stripes:




This jacket will count as one of my two “sewist’s choices.” This means three pieces down, six to go.

Love this jacket! I’m wearing it to work on Monday!!! I love when I have something new to wear to work on Mondays. It makes a Monday almost bearable!!




While I was taking my pictures in front of the beautiful forsythia, Louise stole the bananas out of the fruit bowl on our KITCHEN COUNTER!!! She then took the bananas out into the back yard and tried to eat them. When I was carrying the fully dressed dress-form into the house, I saw her with something yellow in the corner of the yard. I went over to investigate and found a half-eaten banana. Of course I then abandoned the dress form in the yard and ran in the house to Google “dogs” and “bananas.” Thankfully, bananas are not toxic for dogs!! But even so, I am moving the fruit bowl.

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