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A Giant Door Carrot!


I was in need of a new door decoration for Easter, and I decided that I wanted something big and unusual. I also wanted something that wasn’t an egg or a bunny. After several good hours on Pinterest, I decided I wanted a giant carrot–nothing screams Easter and spring like a giant carrot. I also decided that I could make this giant carrot.

After a trip to Michaels to purchase my orange and green paints, I found some black twill in my stash and drew the outline of my carrot. I then cut out a front and back and sewed these two pieces together.


I clipped and turned these pieces and stuffed the carrot part with a little fiber-fill. I then decided to add some wire to the leaves so they wouldn’t droop.


I cut the wire pieces and bent them to match the leaves, then I stuffed them inside the leaves and added a little more fiber-fill. I stitched the opening that I had been using for stuffing purposes closed. Next, I inserted two grommets to use for hanging the carrot.


I primed the whole thing with white wall paint. Then, after the primer dried, I used orange spray paint and painted the carrot.


I kept up the painting and drying cycle until I had all the colors applied. I let the thing dry over night, and then I added the ribbons.


I hung the thing up on the door, and “Ta Da!!” People, I give you my giant door carrot!!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

shamrock suzy

More Jalie

Jalie Dolman Tops Short or 3/4 Sleeve Sewing Pattern 3352 Women & Girls 27 Sizes

Over the past few months, I tried making Jalie’s dolman top (3352) out of–you guessed it–Polartec fleece.  Since I made it out of fleece, I made a few modifications:

  • I made the largest size (FF) on the pattern because I wanted it to be kind of slouchy.
  • I made the sleeves full length.
  • I added a cowl-neck hood.

My first make was using a maroon stripe.

dolman 3

I liked the top so much, I made it again in black and gold–my school colors.

dolman 4

doman 7

Then, I bought some heathered purple fleece with a sweater face, and I made it again.

dolman 1

dolman 2

And then for no good reason, I made it out of rust fleece–it’s got a tweedy face and a lighter velour reverse. It’s yummy fabric.

dolman 5

dolman 6

A couple of weeks ago my husband asked, “How many of those tops do you have?” The answer is: Four, for now.

A New Niece!!

Two weeks ago, our new niece, Harper Rose (such a cool name), was born!! She is healthy, beautiful, and perfect, and the whole family is kinda blissed out. It’s awesome!

Harper’s birth gave me the perfect reason and justification for making a baby quilt. Now, I need to state that I am not a bonafide quilter. I don’t make large, bed-sized quilts, and my binding has some serious issues, but I kinda dig making a baby quilt. I think it’s the size that I like–it’s big enough to make me feel like I’m quilting, but it’s done in short order.

Making baby quilts is actually how I started sewing as an adult. My mom taught me to sew when I was a kid, and I made a few things through my high-school years, but then in my twenties I started making baby quilts. I had no idea what I was doing–nothing was square, corners didn’t match, and I had never even heard of a walking foot. This was way before YouTube, so instructions for making quilts were harder to find. I actually made my first baby quilt when my niece, Kaleigh, was born and that was almost 23 years ago. It was a peach and mint-green wonky gift from the heart made on the Singer that my mom gave me when I turned 22. I wish I had a picture of that quilt, but I’m kinda glad that I don’t. As I think about it now, the quality was probably a little questionable. I may owe Kaleigh a new and improved quilt!!

Anyway, I made a quilt for Harper. Her mom, one of my amazing sisters-in-law, (or is it sister-in-laws? Where does the -s go????) chose grey and aqua as her colors for the nursery. I’m not sure of the name of the pattern I used–I saw a bigger version of it hanging in my local quilt shop. I liked it because I wanted to use both small and large squares. I needed the large squares because I wanted to add embroidery. Here’s the end result:

2015-02-16 17.30.07

There’s a square for each member of her family (including Bella the dog.) The hearts were cut with an Accuquilt die and embroidered using an Accuquilt pattern. I love that Accuquilt does embroidery patterns that you can buy online through their website!!

2015-02-16 17.30.16

Here’s a close-up of the heart applique/embroidery.

Harper has two older sisters, Rylee and Cortland, and I wanted to have gifts for them too. So I made Cortland a “baby quilt” for her baby-dolls. IMGP1289[1]

corty quilt

This picture is a little blurry, but it shows all the squares.

And then for Rylee, the oldest sister, I made a pillow with a quote I found on Pinterest. rylee pillow

On the back, I used the heart embroidery/applique again.


These were fun to make!


I’m Back!

Last summer didn’t end so well. I lost my brother in August and my world kinda stopped for a while. I haven’t blogged since then, but I did start sewing again a few months ago and it really helped me to start feeling a little more normal. I’ll try to post pictures of some of the stuff that I’ve made, but for right now I want to post some pictures of the top I made today.

Here’s Jalie’s raglan top (3245) with some modifications. I made it out of lavender and navy Polartec fleece and I really kinda love how it turned out.

jalie raglan 1

I had to play around with the photo-editing to get a picture where top actually looked lavender–that’s why this photo has such crazy mood lighting.

As for the modifications, here’s what I did:

  • First, I made it way bigger than my usual size. In fact, I cut the largest size (FF) on the pattern. I wanted it to be loose and comfy.
  • I added a hood. I cut the hood out in navy to match the raglan sleeves and then I thought I would try lining the hood with the contrasting lavender. Because I used fleece, this lined hood borders on being too bulky, but I do love the contrasting colors.
  • I made the sleeves full length instead of 3/4 length.
  • I altered the hemline to make it more like a drop-tail top.
jalie raglan

I took this photo in the bathroom and the color is a little better, but pictures in the bathroom just seem weird to me.

I’m super happy with this top. I might have to make six or seven more!!

P.S. Here are some better pictures–I’m working on my picture taking skills!

raglan 1

raglan 2

raglan 3

Day 62: #100HappyDays

These lemon-lime flowers make me very happy!!

2014-08-04 17.04.49

Day 61: #100HappyDays

Happiness is Simplicity 2552.

simplicity 3We’ve been having some cooler weather here in Boonetowne, and this cool weather set a craving upon me. I was craving fall clothes. Even though it’s only the beginning of August, I wanted to sew fall clothes. I decided to give the jacket in Simplicity 2552 a try. I’ve had this pattern for ages, but had never tried it. I also decided I wanted to try to mix plaids. Do you remember Mondo from Project Runway? That guy could combine patterns like nobody’s business. I wanted to be like Mondo. His clothes were so cool!! So I tried combining two black and white wool blends and the result was dreadful.

simplicity 4

When I showed it to my husband, he had that scared look in his eyes–the OMG, are you really going to wear that look. I think it kinda scares him that I sew clothes, especially when I make something like the above jacket.

Despite the fear in my husband’s eyes, I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel. So I pulled the thing apart, removed the ties in the front, and turned the second piece of wool blend into trim. I really like the result.

simplicity 1

Here’s a close up of the trim.

simplicity 2

This will make a great work jacket. I think it would be fun to make a skirt out of the trim fabric and wear them together. What do you think? Would that work or would I scare my husband?  How does Mondo do it???


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