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An Infinity Scarf: My First Experiment in Crocheting

I spend my days teaching college students–mostly female college students. For the past month or so, I have been looking out into my classrooms and seeing a lot of chunky-yarn, infinity scarves. And while I’ve been droning on about the importance of reading to young children, I’ve been thinking to myself, “I want a chunky-yarn, infinity scarf.”

So I took matters into my own hands, bought some chunky red yarn and a crochet hook, and found this awesome infinity scarf pattern.

It took me a couple of starts followed by unravelling, but I finally got it. Now I have my very own chunky-yarn, infinity scarf.

scarf 2

scarf 3

scarf 4

scarf 5

Another Purple Vogue 2934


A few months back, I made Vogue 2934 out of some woven purple wool. I liked the pattern a lot; however, I’ve never worn the jacket. The problems with the jacket were/are twofold. First, the fabric has some metallic gold woven into it, and it’s a little bit too disco for the workplace. The second problem was/is the button–I don’t like the placement.

vogue jacket close up

So I decided to give it another try in more purple fabric. I’ve been saving this delicious plum fleece for several months. On one side it has a sweater face, and on the other, it’s fleecey velour.

jacket 7

I was scared to death I was going to make another wadder and waste this amazing fabric. I wanted to make something that showed both sides of the fabric, since both are equally beautiful. Since I knew the pattern, and since I could potentially use the reverse side for the cuffs, I decided to give Vogue 2934 a second try.

jacket 5

I did not line this version, and when I added the facing around the neck and front opening, I was able to turn it just a little bit so that the facing–made with the velour side out–showed around the neck and opening. I liked the effect, so I added a 2 inch strip of fabric–velour side out–around the hem. I attached it just like I attached the facing. I then used my coverstitch machine and stitched around the hem, the opening, and the neck.

I was able to recycle some decorative hooks and eyes that I took of a sweater that I bought at Goodwill to felt.

jacket 6

I like this version of Vogue 2934 wayyy better than my first version. My husband calls it my bat jacket. I say, bats should be so lucky!!!

jacket 2

jacket 3

jacket 1


No words, no sewing, just a snowy Scout

snowy scout

My Favorite Purple Sweater


My favorite purple sweater had seen better days, but I could not bear to part with it. I have slight obsession with felted wool, so I decided to felt it and see what happened. It felted up really well and was actually a nice compliment to the six or seven other purple sweaters that I had felted and was hoarding in my “fabric” closet. This past weekend I decided that the time had come to do something with all of this beautiful felted wool. The result is my new felted wool hat and scarf. Both are lined with a deep plum Polartec fleece so they will be super warm


I used an Accuquilt die to make the flower on the hat and then I repeated this pattern on the ends of the scarf.



I decided to try to use some buttons that I had made for the centers of the flowers on the scarf. This past summer I became temporarily fixated on making buttons  out of Fimo clay. I used candy molds and added holes for thread. I really liked the results, but had not yet found a use for them. I kind of like them on the scarf, but they might be a little to arts and craftsy. I don’t know…the jury is still out.


So the  best thing about this hat and scarf set is that the scarf has pockets. It’s a scarf that warms your neck and your hands. Or, it’s a scarf that doubles as a phone holder. Take your pick!


Snow Day

We had a snow-day today in Boonetowne. As I type this, it’s 2 degrees outside, with a windchill of negative 18 degrees. It’s cold, and although we live in the mountains where we are used to cold weather, we’re not used to cold like this. This was day that called for comfort and warmth, and nothing says comfort and warmth like Jalie 2682 made out of Polartec 200 weight fleece. You know I love this pattern and of course I love fleece, so this was a win-win for me. For the sake of variety, I added some Urban Threads embroidery. Ta da!!!

fleece 1

fleece 2

Brown Fleece: Take 2

Yesterday, I attempted Kwik Sew 3977. I had been thinking about making this pattern for a couple of months. I had perfect material set aside–double sided chocolate Polartec fleece. One side was a low shearling and the other was a sweater weave. I knew that I was destined for success, so I saved this project so that it could be my first project in my RTW fast.

Well, I followed the directions and it went together easy-peasy. Then I checked it out in the mirror. Here is what I saw:

Not good. And there was nothing I could do to make it better. No matter how I wrapped, closed, or folded it, it was just not good.

Save Collage

I was bummed, because I truly loved the fabric. I could not bear to throw that beautiful fabric away.

The good thing about Kwik Sew 3977, is that it is made out of 3 very large pattern pieces and two sleeves. I actually loved the sleeves–they fit very well. Since I had three big pieces of fabric, two usable sleeves, and some leftover fabric, I felt like I might be able to rework things.

Enter Simplicity 2309. I had just enough fabric to cut out this pattern. I made size 14, but that was way to big. If I make this one again, I will go with a size 12. In any case, here is what I came up with:


save 5

save 3

This pattern calls for raw edges on the collar and founce. At first, I just serged the edges, but the collar looked a little blah. So took some chocolate, velvety upholstery fabric that was in my stash and serged some long half-inch wide strips. I then added these strips to the collar and the flounce. It’s kind of a funky look, but I like it.

save 4

Thank you Simplity 2309!! You saved the day and my beloved, brown fleece!

Let the RTW Fast Begin!!

I have officialy joined the Ready-to-Wear Fast initiated and organized by Goodbye Valentino. I’ve been inspired by the author of this blog for so long that I leapt at the chance to participate in her challenge. So for the next 365 days I will buy NO ready-to-wear clothing. Instead, I will be sewing any and all new clothing that I acquire. This has Mr. Boonetowne a little bit nervous!! And honestly, I’m a little bit nervous too. In fact, if I’m going to be completely honest, I did buy four sets of brand new pajamas before the clock struck midnight–I have slight obsession with flannel pajamas.

In honor of the the first day of my RTW Fast, I tried my hand at Kwik Sew 3977, and… it was a complete and utter disaster. I will post pictures tomorrow–it’s definitely not pretty, but I will not be defeated. I’ve just made some plans to salvage Kwik Sew 3977 with Simplicity 2309. This will take place tomorrow. As Scarlett said, “Tomorrow is another day.” Stay tuned!

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